Considering a Degree in Accounting? The Many Career Paths You Can Pursue

February 16, 2024


So, you’re thinking about majoring in accounting in college? An accounting degree can open the door to diverse and rewarding career opportunities. While some students envision spending their days hunched over spreadsheets as an accountant, the reality is that an accounting education provides transferable skills applicable across business sectors. Here are some of the many directions you can take your career with an accounting degree:

Public Accounting

Pursuing a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) designation allows you to provide accounting services like auditing, taxation, consulting, and financial reporting. Public accounting firms range from large multinational corporations to local and regional practices. As a CPA at these firms, you’ll work with diverse clients and industries in a fast-paced environment with the opportunity to advance to managerial roles.

Corporate Accounting

Every company, large or small, private or public, needs accounting expertise to manage budgets, track finances, comply with regulations, and facilitate internal decision-making. As a corporate accountant or financial analyst, you can pursue various positions spanning payroll, accounts receivable/payable, cost analysis, tax preparation, controller, treasurer, and Chief Financial Officer. Corporate accounting offers an outstanding work-life balance.

Governmental Accounting

Government entities need accurate financial reporting at the local, state, and federal levels. As a government accountant, you could pursue roles in taxation and revenue forecasting departments for government organizations. This career path offers strong job security and excellent benefits.

Internal Audit

While accountants prepare financial statements, auditors analyze and verify reports for accuracy and compliance with accounting standards. Every industry requires internal auditors to assess economic health, reduce fraud and error, and recommend process/policy improvements. Auditing presents an exciting career choice if you enjoy investigation, risk analysis, and helping organizations improve.

Forensic Accounting

Forensic accounting uses similar sleuthing skills if you love watching crime scene investigation shows. As a forensic accountant, you’ll employ investigative accounting tactics to uncover financial misdeeds. Most forensic accountants assist legal counsel on complicated fraud cases. This niche is perfect if you want to help corporations and individuals fight white-collar crime through financial evidence.

The accounting skills you develop in college are highly cross-functional. An accounting degree unlocks the door to diverse, well-compensated positions with tremendous growth opportunities – whether you desire to become CFO of a leading corporation, steward government budgets, detect complex financial fraud, or lend expertise to mission-driven nonprofits. Any direction you aspire to go with an accounting background, the education and fundamentals will lead you there.

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