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#3 Fastest Growing Firm in 2020

Top 100 Firm
in 2021

Top 100 Firm
in 2021

Inside Public Accounting annually recognizes the top U.S.-based public accounting firms based on net revenue growth.  

Together, We’ve Got This.

Wiss equips your business with the operational acumen and financial intelligence to emerge stronger than ever in 2021.

Gaining a Higher Purpose Through Giving Back

The best way to give back to your community is to simply be a good neighbor, whether that means working closely with a charitable organization or just being there for others. Read our interview with Joanne Spencer of our Tax team to learn more about how we can empower ourselves and the people around us through selflessness.


The Whole U Video Series







A Wiss-produced video series dedicated to generating more openness and understanding of mental health.  We hope this inspires ideas that foster a holistically healthy workplace.  Our mission is to help people overcome fears that may be holding them back, and our greatest desire is that people everywhere pursue a path of living a most fulfilling, happy life.    

Your questions, answered

The (Way Too) FAQ Podcast







CPA and Partner at Wiss, Matt Barbieri gets lots of the exact same questions over and over from startup founders and small business owners. In fact, there are some questions he’s been asked a thousand times. So he decided to make his life (and yours) a little easier and pull together all those (way too) frequently asked questions and answer them one time, in one place.

A podcast exclusively for Wiss clients

For Your EARS Only







Introducing For Your EARS Only, a limited-run, 10-episode podcast series created EXCLUSIVELY for Wiss clients that will feature inspiring conversations with thought-leaders and experts discussing the topics that many of you tell us are important to you: things like storytelling, customer experience, artificial intelligence, preparing for the “next normal,” and more. 

Why is it that people stay so long at Wiss?

In an age where people believe the only way to further their career is by jumping from job-to-job, we at Wiss take great pride in a culture that retains great talent and inspires stellar client service.   It also shows in the outstanding client satisfaction scores we achieve year-over-year. 

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