Our Services

From early stage inception to the heights of expansion, we guide clients through their unique business lifecycle and personal wealth planning journey.

In today’s intricate business landscape, accounting and finance practices are rapidly evolving. Technology is reshaping how we approach these critical functions to meet the demands of tomorrow. That’s why we’ve been intentional about creating tailored services to meet your specific needs, ensuring we support you every step of the way.


CFO’s wear many hats, both transactional and strategic to inform future financial health. Our team lightens the load with expert guidance that gives shape to business process, talent acquisition and growth.

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We instill confidence and peace of mind with 50 years of experience building financial reports and dependable internal controls.

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We guide clients through financial complexities, such as a business sale or acquisition, ensuring an overall smoother transaction (with peace of mind).

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We take care of the numbers so you don’t have to. Our experts minimize risk while optimizing returns.

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Protecting and sustaining long term wealth takes a team. Our trusted partners support high/ultra-high net worth clients with family office, trust and estate planning services.

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We always like to go to Wiss for solutions because they know us very well and have the patience and expertise to help.

— Ally McCracken

Vice President of Finance, 4C Foods Corp