How Wiss Supports Employee Wellness – Tax Season and Beyond

May 29, 2024


By: Lauren Dunn

More than just an accounting firm, Wiss is a place that cares for its people. Here at Wiss, we prioritize employee wellness year-round, with a targeted focus on tax season, when the risk of burnout is at its peak. We aim to take a holistic approach to providing wellness support across multiple areas.

Our flexible approach to hybrid and remote work is the foundation of employee well-being. By no longer confining work to the office, we enable our team members to organize their schedules in the way that suits them best. In a recent poll launched by Wiss on LinkedIn, 80% of respondents said remote work has positively impacted their mental well-being.

Sometimes, more than a flexible work schedule is needed to get you through life’s most challenging moments. We offer flexible PTO, allowing employees to take time off as needed for sick days, appointments, mental health days, or extended vacations. We encourage all employees to unplug and reset during their time off. Throughout the year, our People Operations Team conducts mental health training and support sessions for employees who want to expand their wellness toolkit or need additional support. Wiss has partnered with Magellan Health to offer 24/7 services and support to employees in various areas to fill the wellness gaps. These include parenting and relationship support, building community connections, financial education, career coaching, mental health support, fitness goals, finding medical care, and much more. Magellan’s website is user-friendly, making it easy for employees to navigate all of life’s surprises with just a few clicks.

In a holistic approach to wellness, Wiss understands that positive well-being also relies on one’s social health. Throughout the year, Wiss curates happy hours, team-building exercises, celebrations, sporting events, and so much more to encourage fun and socialization outside the office. We aim to foster community, connection, and friendship at Wiss. We provide on-site games like ping-pong, shuffleboard, and cornhole for employees to enjoy during breaks and unwind from their workday. We encourage positivity and participation through our in-house engagement platform, Cooleaf. This internal platform delivers weekly and monthly challenges to encourage employees to interact and get to know others more personally. Cooleaf allows co-workers and leaders to share their positive feedback about others publicly.

Our firm is aware that intellectual stimulation is an essential aspect of wellness. Our learning and development opportunities go far beyond technical accounting skills. Employees can enroll in leadership, communication, inclusion, equity, accounting, and diversity courses. Beyond Wiss, we partner with local schools to promote financial literacy, encourage employees to give back to their communities through the “Have a Heart” campaign and sponsor charities close to employees’ hearts. Giving back to others can foster a sense of fulfillment that boosts a person’s social, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

To ensure your well-being during our busiest time of year, Wiss has introduced “Wellness Wednesdays.” These sessions cover various wellness topics, from nutrition and workouts to aromatherapy and relaxation techniques. In the heart of tax season, we go the extra mile with “Self-Care Week.” This dedicated week encourages you to take a breather and indulge in massages, chiropractic adjustments, IV therapy, and self-care packages gifted by the People Operations Team. We understand the pressures of tax season and are here to support you.

At Wiss, we are more than just a company. We are a network of individuals who care about each other. We recognize that each person is unique, with their own set of needs. Our mission is to enhance your employee experience by promoting flexibility, nurturing wellness, and providing opportunities for personal and professional growth. Your well-being is our priority, and we are committed to supporting you in every way possible.


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