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The (Way Too) Frequently Asked Questions Podcast

CPA and Partner at WISS & Co., Matt Barbieri gets lots of the exact same questions OVER-AND-OVER from startup founders and small business owners. In fact, there are some business and tax questions he’s been asked over a THOUSAND times. So he decided to make his life (and yours) a little easier and pull together all those (way too) frequently asked questions and answer them one time…in one place – THIS PODCAST!  
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Episode 10

How and How Often Should I Communicate with My Investors?

Many of Matt’s small business clients have investors and, not surprisingly they want to stay in touch with them, but they’re not sure how. So, they come to Matt and ask, How and how often should I communicate with my investors?


Episode 9

What is the Angel Investor Credit Program?

Almost all of Matt’s small business tech clients ask him about the various credit programs that are out there and one he gets asked about all the time is the Angel Investor Credit Program. In this episode Matt not only answers what it is but discusses why it’s helpful for the company.

Episode 8

Can I Raise Cash Flow for My Small Business with Government Money?

Many small business owners have heard about the R&D Tax Credit and State Incentive Programs and they come to Matt and ask, How can I generate cash for my small business with government money?


Episode 7

What Did I Do Wrong? (Common Traps Small Business Owners Can Avoid)

Many small business owners run into tax issues that they didn’t even see coming because they simply didn’t know what they didn’t know. In this episode, Matt addresses a couple of the most common traps small business owners fall into so he doesn’t have to hear them ask, What did I do wrong?

Episode 6

How Can I Take Advantage of Qualified Small Business Stock?

Many small business owners are familiar with Qualified Small Business Stock, but they aren’t entirely clear about the tax implications and they often come to Matt and ask – How can I take advantage of QSBS?

Episode 5

How Do I Exercise the Stock Options I Was Granted By A Startup?

Many employees of early-stage startups who were granted stock options by their company ask Matt, How do I exercise the stock options I was granted by a startup?

Episode 4

How Do I Grant Stock Options In My Company?

Just about every small business owner and early-stage founder comes to Matt and asks, How do I grant stock options? The best part is, Matt tackles this question by looking at it through the eyes of the recipient to provide you with some insight into how to address this common need. 

Episode 3

What's the Difference Between Common Stock and Preferred Stock?

Many early-stage startups set up their companies and have millions of shares that need to be distributed among everyone from the company founders…to early employees…to advisors…to investors. And when the time comes to grant those stocks Matt typically gets asked, What’s the difference between common stock and preferred stock?

Episode 2

How Should I Value My Startup So I Can Raise Capital?

Matt tackles another question he gets over-and-over from startup founders that are looking to raise cash and that’s, How should I value my startup to raise capital?

Episode 1

What type of entity should my startup be (a C-Corp or LLC)?

CPA and Partner at WISS & Co., Matt Barbieri discusses the reason he’s doing this podcast (basically to answer all those questions he gets over-and-over) and then answers a question he gets ALL THE TIME from startup founders, which is, What type of entity should our company be?

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