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Any Recommendations for my Investor Pitch Deck?

Not surprisingly, Matt has reviewed thousands of investor pitch decks for startups…and they all ask him for his input and recommendations. In this FINAL EPISODE of the season, Matt discusses pitch deck recommendations including his thoughts for the (often overlooked…or screwed up) “Use of Funds” slide. 

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What is Preferred Stock?

Many of Matt’s small business clients are actually a bit embarrassed to ask, What is a preferred stock? because they think they should know what that is. The problem is – when they search for answers on the Internet, they still come away confused. In this episode Matt finally gives all of you a clear and concise answer.

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Should I Be Collecting Sales Tax on My Product or Service?

Lots of small business owners out there think they “charge” sales tax, however that’s not the case. You “collect” and “remit” sales tax and there are some differences when it comes to products and services. In this episode Matt’s answers the questions, Should I be collecting sales tax on my product or service? He even addresses the, often confusing, nuance of “software as a service.”

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Can I Invest My Investment?

Many of Matt’s small business clients who have received investments wonder, Can I invest my investment? Matt provides the simple answer (spoiler’s NO) and discusses why.

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What’s the Deal with Delaware?

Just about every early-stage company founder Matt works with wants to know, What’s the deal with Delaware? In this episode, Matt talks about why so many companies choose to organize in Delaware.

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What is the Angel Investor Credit Program?

Almost all of Matt’s small business tech clients ask him about the various credit programs that are out there and one he gets asked about all the time is the Angel Investor Credit Program. In this episode Matt not only answers what it is but discusses why it’s helpful for the company.

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