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Tax Services

Planning and oversight form the backbone of effective business tax services. The Wiss approach begins with rigorous tax planning and evaluation of optimum strategies and then continues with constant monitoring of the tactic. This same approach is followed for personal tax services, with particular attention paid to individual objectives while also considering business, estate, and succession issues.

Wealth Management Plan

When the time comes to evaluate effective estate planning, we work in concert with you and other professional advisors to develop a wealth management plan that fulfills your goals within your lifetime or for future generations. We also offer counsel on available strategies for business continuity or guidance in preparation for the transfer of your assets to the next generation.

Dedicated Tax Team

Every Wiss client is assigned a dedicated tax team that fully comprehends their business or individual needs. This gives our clients peace of mind knowing that their tax team is well-versed in the unique needs and objectives of their organization to ensure that business and personal goals are effectively met.

Services to Meet Your Demands

As a trusted business advisor, we develop an intimate understanding of each client’s unique demands and offer specialized services that enable you to fully evaluate and understand how to minimize tax obligations. By simplifying the complex, we lay the foundation for execution of a plan that considers all aspects of the tax law.

Having a service provided like Wiss that we can rely on for not just good tax advice but also to connect us with other services providers that understand our business sector is very important to us so we as a company can focus on our clients.

Arif R. Malick, P.E.  |  Malick & Scherer

As I’ve gotten older, my financial affairs — both business and personal — have grown increasingly complex.  Wiss has proven to be an invaluable resource. Their guidance, depth of knowledge, experience, and careful attention to detail provide a sense of security in a rapidly changing world.

Steven Wils  |  Business Owner

Mike LaMotta and his team have provided us with invaluable technical advice over the years. Their comprehensive tax planning translated into measurable savings for our business and shareholders.

Craig Jackson  |  Weeks Marine, Inc.

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