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For Your Ears Only

An Exclusive Client Podcast hosted by Paul Peterson, Managing Partner

Satisfy your relentless thirst for knowledge, inspiration, and ideas.

Introducing For Your EARS Only, a limited-run, 10-episode podcast series created exclusively for Wiss clients.


Episode 1: Welcome to “For Your EARS Only”

Dynamic content for dynamic clients.

Show hosts Paul Peterson, Managing Partner at Wiss, and John Palumbo, founder of BigHeads Network, discuss the purpose of the show and the invaluable content you can expect in this 10-episode season.

Episode 2: Next Normal-ing

Take a look into the future of the workforce.

Paul and John speak with Dino DeFeo from AKF Group and Jason Junkers from HYTORC about how their companies navigated key areas like remote working, technology and client/customer meetings. Check out these excerpts for some key insights and strategies that helped these leaders navigate the “next normal.”

Episode 3: Why Every Leader Needs to Become a Storyteller

Insights from a top business storytelling coach.

Storytelling isn’t just for the Marketing department – it’s a skill everyone across your organization should be leveraging…especially your leadership team! Paul and John speak with Paul Smith, one of the world’s leading experts in business storytelling and bestselling author of the books The 10 Stories Great Leaders Tell, Lead with a Story, and Sell with a Story.

Episode 4: Become a Dot-Connector

Learn how to be a better dot connector and cross-pollinator.

Paul Peterson interviews John Palumbo, who isn’t just a co-host for this show…he’s also a cross-pollination pioneer who brings this unique practice to companies like AmEx, Domino’s, P&G, PepsiCo, and others. John shares examples of cross-pollination and strategies to connect new dots to your business objectives.

Episode 5: Give Your Business a Kick in the A**

Find out what every business leader can learn from the global sport of soccer.

Paul and John sit down with Haley Rosen, Founder and CEO of Just Women’s Sports, to talk about how camaraderie, conviction, and competition are essential both on the field and in your business relationships.

Episode 6: HIRE Learning

Be prepared to pivot to meet unique challenges.

Social media has opened new avenues of communication between job candidates and employers. Kevin Kurtz, Partner in charge of Recruiting here at Wiss, talks about how we shifted our approach to hiring by anticipating candidates’ concerns and expanding our online footprint.

Episode 7: How to Create Amazing Customer Experiences 

Make your brand unforgettable.

Customer Experience is so much more than campaigns, events, and metrics. Adrian Swinscoe, the “CX Punk” himself, shares his insights on what it means to build memorable and positive experiences that will build trust and keep customers coming back for more. 

Episode 8: AI 101

Breaking Down AI To Understand How It Impacts Your Business

The best way to start your AI journey? Create a PAC framework — predict, automate, and classify — to generate intersectional ideas about how to make the right areas of your business more efficient with data-backed AI models.

Episode 9: Giving Feedback 

Building an Open Company Culture Plus Fine-tuning Your Skills

The key to great feedback is specificity. Before you give it out, critically consider the person on the receiving end, because tailored feedback is crucial for people who receive feedback negatively: high-anxious people, those with low self-efficacy, or those with an external locus of control.

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