Summer Spotlight: Paul Peterson’s Scottish Adventure!

Managing Partner, Paul Peterson, Heads to Scotland!



Paul and his family took a week-long trip to Scotland.

From its beautiful blue oceans to its abundant history, Scotland was an amazing trip for the Petersons. Paul’s favorite spots were the Isle of Skye, home to a picturesque fishing village, and Gleneagles, a luxurious hotel, spa and golf resort.

Paul was pleasantly surprised with the high-quality cuisine, saying that the fish was fresh, the coffee was rich and carrot cake delicious.

Another surprising discovery on the trip was the animosity that remains between Scotland and England. Paul’s family witnessed this several times on the trip, especially because they were there during the World Cup. Not suprisingly, Scotch whiskey was the drink of choice and the country was filled with scotch distilleries.

One of the funniest moments of the trip was when he and his family were accidentally brought to a huge multi-floor suite that cost thousands of euros per night! It wasn’t until after the kids picked out rooms that the hotel was able to resolve the mistake and bring the family to their proper room.

Overall the trip was a success, and Paul was very happy to spend some quality time with his family in such a beautiful country! 


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