Summer Spotlight: Matt Barbieri Takes On Iceland!

August 16, 2018


Partner, Matt Barbieri, takes advantage of his summer with several trips and fun activities!

When he is not at work, coaching baseball or football, making wine or watching dance recitals, Matt finds time for vacation with his family and friends. This summer he took a 5-day trip to Iceland with his wife as well as a trip to the Outer Banks with both family and freinds.

One of the many highlights of his trip to Iceland was the beautiful Blue Lagoon. He also enjoyed the food especially the yogurt and seafood, however he was turned off by the overwhelming amount of horse that was served. He was also turned off by the Iceland drink of choice referred to as ‘The Black Death’ which tasted as bad as it sounds. The actual name of the drink is Brennivin, and Matt tried it with four local men. Although he didn’t enjoy the drink he enjoyed the company of the locals. He also got to know the locals better when he explored the city at 2 a.m. because the sun doesn’t set until 3 am. The people were very friendly and welcoming, excluding one occasion when his wife showed up to a World Cup game wearing the opponent’s colors. Iceland rarely makes it to the World Cup finals, but when they did this year they were facing Nigeria and Matt’s wife wore a bright green shirt to the game.Other than that, the vacation was a success!

On top of that excitement, check out the newest additions to the Barbieri crew!


At home Matt frequents restaurants and recommends that Jersey residents try a cozy Italian place called Novelli. When in the city he likes to check out rooftop bars such as places called Monarch and Versa. Another one of his many hobbies is making wine. For about 10 years, he and a few of his friends have been making assorted wines in oak barrels, from super Tuscans to Cabernet Marlow’s. When it comes to his children, he loves to get involved. He coaches both football, 1st to 3rd graders, and baseball, 9 years and under. He is proud to say that this year their baseball team won state sectionals. Matt has enjoyed his summer so far, and looks foward to continuing his hobbies and taking more memorable vacations!






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