New Media

As new media continues to shape the way we disseminate and consume information, change happens at the speed of light. You can’t afford to have your back turned when the latest innovations hit the digital world.

So how do you juggle the financial side of your business when you already have enough balls in the air? Let us handle your accounting needs so you can keep your focus on the dynamic arena of new media.

Our Edge

New Media businesses are in a tug-of-war between NY and NJ, where there are significant opportunities for grants. Wiss will identify these markets for digital media outlets to locate and expand in your state. 

We are a technology driven firm that uses business intelligence to help you translate data and numbers into sound, forward-thinking business decisions. We use cloud-based technologies to develop timely, polished, and informative reporting.

Our team stays on top of all the current tax regulations to minimize your tax obligations and risk of penalties and if you need IT help on anything from network architecture to system selection, we’ve got you covered.

We have the flexibility to scale with you, eliminating the need to change accountants at each level.

Service Offerings

Identify markets for digital media outlets to locate and expand in your state.

Key metrics and performance measurement

Business intelligence

Independent contractors and employees

Reporting using cloud-based technologies

Tax code regulation advisory

Network Architecture

System Selection

Financial reporting

Tax liability

Transaction services

“There’s no way we could have gone through the early days without a partner like Wiss. It’s one of the most rewarding relationships I have at a professional level.”

Angelo Straquatanio
CEO & Founder, Apprentice

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