By Diana Miller

As a leader in the field of public accounting, I partner with clients to find solutions to even the most challenging problems while overseeing the direction and strategy of my own team. As a CPA, I work together with organizations to achieve business solutions which optimize each organization’s potential based on their own unique strengths. I am dedicated to empowering individuals to make a difference and build rewarding successes, which is why I’d like to share my journey with those who need some inspiration!

If you read my story, you will understand why I truly believe determination is key. I share lessons learned along the way such as stop making excuses, impact others in a positive way and step out of your comfort zone, as well as discussing a few tips for picking the RIGHT accountant: one you have a connection with and are confident will take care of your needs. These and many other lessons shared did not always come easily; however, they sure have helped me along the way. My chapter, ‘The Results are In!,’ will help you define the results you’d like to achieve and teach you the methods to implement to reach success. There are no easy solutions, however there are always ways to get results!

Results! has just been released, so pick up a copy and let the journey begin to finding impactful solutions to drive business and get results! You will be amazed at how motivated you will feel and what you will achieve. As a group, the co-authors of this anthology book includes experts in a variety of fields that give you the advice you need to reach your goals. RESULTS! will encourage you to step into success and grow your business, getting RESULTS!.

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