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Wiss provides real estate accounting, tax, and consulting services and solutions to many family-owned real estate companies, investment and commercial banks, insurance companies, opportunity funds, institutional investors, and real estate developers.

Are you tired of working with a professional that only focuses on compliance? Do you feel you are not taking advantage of all the incentives, tax deductions, and credits that are available to your business? Does your professional know your business? Our real estate team is exclusive to the real estate business; we take great pride in knowing our craft and being a forward thinking partner with our clients versus being a historian. Over the years, we have evolved into a multi-dimensional service provider for the real estate industry.

Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Traditional accounting and tax services provided include audit, review, compilation, and tax filings. If you are trying to be timely on filing basic reports and tax filings, we can help.
  • If you are in a pinch, or investors or owners are screaming for those reports, we can help augment your staff until you find the right people with our CFO and Controller advisory services.
  • Do you want to get back to being a real estate professional, but you are tired of the administration of this process and counting on subpar bookkeepers? Consider our outsourced accounting services. Our back office, cloud-based solution can help you eliminate these roadblocks. We will handle the entire process from end to end. Using the same software since Y2K? We can help you choose the right software to replace your current outdated software.
  • Cost segregation services help you decide how to reinvest your otherwise tax dollars into a new project and defer taxes. We have cost engineers that we work with to maximize accelerated depreciation on real estate purchases and developments.
  • Build a more efficient building and change those light bulbs, and we can help you maximize federal energy credits with tax credits and incentives such as 179D, 45L, and solar incentives.
  • Economic development tax credits services help when you want to build a project in a redevelopment area of New Jersey and New York. Get the tax equity that you can use towards building that next project.
  • Selling a property? We can help you roll your equity into another project tax free through various strategies.
  • Consulting on Long Term Tax Abatement programs help to reduce the real estate tax burden, increase net operating income, and produce a higher rate of return on your investments. We also provide tax consulting and projections, along with forensics. Other Federal and State Tax incentives are available for real estate owners and developers.
  • Are you tired of paying high commission rates for accounting people, or does your accounting group need a makeover? We can also assist with human resource recruiting.
  • Concerned about estate taxes, we have a dedicated team to help appropriately plan and reduce the value of your estate with proper planning tools. We can also help your life insurance needs.

Our Focused Approach

The establishment of increased real estate consulting services expands Wiss beyond traditional offerings by creating a focused approach. By working alongside client CFOs, internal acquisition teams, property managers, and leasing departments, we are able to provide our unique services.

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The Wiss Commercial Property Summit

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There is no shortage of consultants that will help you onboard automated systems, but they may not necessarily have the sensitivities and understanding that a firm like Wiss has.  You definitely need a partner who you trust and have a relationship with because it makes the transition that much smoother.

Howard Rappaport, Principal  |  Continental Properties

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