By Carolyn Hall

In a world defined by technology, it can often seem like everything is moving at lightning speed. Industries get transformed before our very eyes, making the world as it was five years ago almost unrecognizable.

This revolution is now reaching into some of the most unexpected places and departments in companies — like accounting — and shaking things up. As a result, technology has created the need for new hard skills and soft ones. It’s enough to make your head spin.

Understandably, business leaders might experience a bit of whiplash or feel drained by the energy and focus required to ensure the time, resources, and expertise to manage a modern accounting function successfully. 

Fortunately, there’s a way for companies to make sure they’re leveraging the latest in technology and get the peace of mind of knowing that all their back-office and advisory needs are in good hands. Plus, they gain transparency and access to their monthly accounting cycle anytime, anywhere. The solution is here, and it’s called outsourced cloud-based accounting.

Life is easier in the cloud.

Outsourced accounting has seen a boom in recent years because cloud technology makes it possible to completely take geographical proximity out of the equation. You’re no longer restricted to local options; the world is your oyster. Plus, running a business is a lot easier when bills and payments can be approved on the go from any device and any location.

One of the reasons that companies are increasingly opting for this type of solution is that it eliminates the need for leaders to explore and vet all the existing technology on the market. Unfortunately, it can often feel like going down an endless rabbit hole, with new platforms, features, and updates constantly appearing and spurring doubt about whether a chosen system is the ideal one.

With a tech-forward outsourced accounting solution, you get an entire team of experts working for you with deep expertise and industry insight. They can tailor an individual solution for your business and ensure you’re always using the best technology available. 

The concept of a tech-forward solution also applies to how the service provider operates internally. To properly advise clients in cloud-based accounting and ensure they have an optimal user experience, providers can’t be stuck in processes from five years ago. They need to be on the cutting edge to help guide you there with them.

Personal service makes the difference

The outdated perception of an accountant who is focused solely on crunching numbers has gone right out the window. With today’s outsourced solutions, the capacity for emotional intelligence and creating connections has become an essential aspect of the accounting role.

Technology is making it possible to break the mold of what it means to offer accounting services. In response, providers have begun to focus on soft skills like active listening and partnership-building abilities when recruiting their team members. Customers of cloud-based accounting highly rate the personal and human service they receive.

When a company adopts this type of solution, the onboarding process starts with a deep dive to understand its specific needs. This will be led by a team of accountants, technologists, certified software advisors, and CPAs. The team then uses their insight to design the most effective solution for each case. The combination of personal service, proven processes, advanced automation, cloud-based technology, and highly qualified team members is what sets apart the best providers. Working with them to leverage the best in technology, convenience and customization is the path to setting your company apart.

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Reach out to a Wiss team member for more information or assistance.

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