Early Career Opportunities

About Our Internship Program

Our extensive internship program provides students with the opportunity to “test run” an area within public accounting. Day one begins with in-depth software training, but the learning does not stop there. Our employees work alongside interns to offer guidance, support, mentorship, and additional training throughout the entire internship. Interns also receive multiple rounds of feedback so they are acutely aware of their performance. We offer internships in Assurance, Tax, and CFO Advisory. Oftentimes students return to intern once, twice, or even three times in different departments to truly experience all that Wiss has to offer! Our internship program also serves as a talent pipeline for our entry-level program.

About Our Entry-Level Program

Our entry-level program fosters team-building, networking, and learning. All entry-level staff are grouped together into a “New Hire Class” that begins annually in the fall. Their robust first week, dubbed “New Hire Orientation”, includes interdepartmental and intradepartmental trainings, Q&A sessions with all levels of the firm, icebreaker activities, and then some. It is a robust week dedicated to acclimating and assimilating the New Hire Class to life at Wiss. However, similar to our internship program, our entry-level staff continuously learn on-the-job. They also receive 360-feedback throughout the year via our performance management system and meet with their mentors to create goals that they want to achieve. Ultimately, our entry-level program sets new hires up for success in growing their careers.

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The Road to 150: Four Options for Maximizing the Final 30 Credits

The final 30 credits required to become a CPA represent a daunting hurdle for aspiring accountants. Jo Anna Dizon, Senior Tax Associate at Wiss, shares insightful advice on how to succeed in the home stretch of your journey to obtain your CPA license. 

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Growing Up at Wiss

We at Wiss understand that our biggest asset is our people. They are at the forefront of everything we achieve as a firm. They cultivate our beloved culture, inspire us to give back to our communities, and provide our clients with unwavering support and business expertise.

We want you to get to know Wiss better. And, to get to know Wiss better, you first need to get to know the people that comprise it. Below are interviews we conducted with some team members from Assurance, Tax, and CFO Advisory. Almost all of them started at Wiss as interns and have been here ever since. We hope in learning about our incredible talent and entry-level programs, that it becomes evident who the foundation of success at Wiss truly is.

Explore Our Departments

  • CFO Advisory

    CFO Advisory has been and continues to be one of Wiss’ most rapidly growing practice areas, offering a fast-paced environment and challenging day-to-day responsibilities for any Intern or Entry-Level Associate. Our CFO Advisory team supports clients of varying sizes and across a multitude of industries, allowing for a diverse and challenging experience. Within this group, an incoming candidate can expect to see interim/fractional CFO services, monthly financial reporting work, budgeting/forecasting analysis, and new system selection/implementation projects. Having the opportunity to work within clients’ general ledgers will allow for a deeper understanding of how transactions are properly recorded and accounted for.

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  • Tax

    Tax has been a consistent pillar within the Wiss walls since our first day of inception.  Tax Interns and Entry-Level Associates will gain exposure to a diverse portfolio of client types, including Individuals, Partnerships, Corporations, and Non-Profits to name a few.  Along with tax preparation work, incoming candidates can expect to assist with extensions, tax projections, and quarterly estimates across all client types.  In addition to the preparation of tax-related items, you will also have the opportunity to sit in on client meetings that will help develop tax strategy, ensure compliance with ever-changing tax regulations, and participate in ad-hoc tax projects.

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  • Assurance

    Audit & Assurance is where those that like to ensure that accuracy and compliance are at the top of the checkbox list for all financial reporting items.  As an A&A Intern or Entry-Level Associate, you can expect an opportunity to gain exposure to clients across several different industries, including Real Estate, Manufacturing, Construction, Food & Beverage, to name just a few.  Whether it be an audit, review, or compilation, your assistance is paramount to a smooth and well-executed engagement – this will include drafting of engagement letters, developing scopes for testing items of materiality, and communicating with clients to ensure all required information is provided ahead of time for our team to execute.

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Recruiting Events

We’re preparing our schedule for the next College Recruiting season. Check back soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does Wiss look for in an intern and what are some qualities that makes for a successful intern?

    We look for interns that could be future leaders of Wiss. While we understand that there will likely be a lack of job experience on an intern resume, there are plenty of other areas that are just as, if not more important! Here are some traits that stand out to us: resiliency, advocacy, an eagerness and willingness to learn, kindness, and positivity. Here are aspects of a resume that stand out to us: leadership and/or other worldly experiences, volunteer/extracurricular/job opportunities, individuality, and GPA/major.

  • What does a typical day for a Wiss intern look like?

    It is very challenging to describe a typical day for an intern at Wiss because every single day is different. From working on tasks provided to the intern by their team to dealing with client situations as they arise, it is extremely dynamic and interesting. Interns learn both technical and soft skills during their internship at Wiss. Interns may be at a client site or in the office, which provides a wonderful, well-rounded experience to bond with the team, co-workers, fellow interns, and even clients.

    While some tasks may be more glamorous than others, each task worked on/completed is extremely valuable to the team. We understand that to propel ourselves forward, we must invest in our interns. We take the time to guide our interns in their assigned tasks while also allowing them the ability to manage their own workloads. At Wiss, we believe in structured flexibility, and we understand life happens.

  • What does the training process look like for interns and entry-level employees?

    To help facilitate training, all interns start on the same day and go through department-specific training that afternoon. However, we feel the best way to learn is through hands-on experience. We encourage interns to ask questions and seek additional training throughout the entire duration of their internship. We offer multiple feedback sessions throughout the internship experience as an opportunity to learn and assist the interns in meeting their goals while at Wiss!

    Our entry-level employees, or new hire “class,” start the same week in early December. Their first week is called “New Hire Orientation”. It is a chance to bond together as a class and partake in tons of team-building opportunities, Q&A sessions with Wiss leadership, interdepartmental and intradepartmental trainings, and fun activities. We are strong proponents of continuous learning and use this first week as the foundation to jump-start careers at Wiss!

  • How would you explain the Wiss culture?

    There are many ways to describe the Wiss culture. We seek out individuals that are empathetic, understanding, kind, and driven. From random firm summer kickball games and tailgates to our renowned annual holiday party, Wiss knows how to not only work hard, but play hard too! Our culture is also embodied by the Four Core Ways—qualities that we live by. The Four Core Ways are Advocate, Impact, Care and Collaborate. Here is some more information about our values at Wiss.

    Learn about our Core Four Ways

  • When are the internship cycles at Wiss and when does recruiting occur for each of them?

    Wiss has two internship cycles—winter/spring (Jan-April) and summer (June-Aug). Our annual fall recruiting season begins in September and concludes in November. During this time, we recruit winter/spring interns, as well as entry-level new hires for the following year. In January we recruit for our summer intern class. We post our opportunities on our careers page, as well as university career portals.

  • What does a career path look like at Wiss?

    The typical career path of a Wiss employee looks like the following:

    Intern > Staff > Senior > Manager > Senior Manager > Director > Partner

    However, not all career paths are the same! We care about our employees’ aspirations and work to ensure each individual is actively moving toward his/her goals. Some mechanisms we have in place to help aid growth at Wiss are goal-setting with mentors, developing technical and soft skills via our specifically-designed CPE learning-paths, and receiving 360 real-time feedback. Wiss employees are encouraged to own their careers!

  • What will Fall campus recruiting look like for Wiss?

    This fall we are taking a hybrid approach to our campus recruiting efforts. We are registered for a combination of in-person and virtual events. Here is the list of events we are attending. We are hoping to capture as many students as possible. We look forward to seeing you all this fall!

  • What are the typical majors Wiss looks for when hiring interns and full-time employees?

    Since we are a public accounting firm, we typically meet with Accounting majors for internships and full-time positions. However, we are still very much interested in and consider the following majors/minors for some of our opportunities as well:

    • Finance
    • Business Administration
    • Wealth Management
    • Economics
    • MBA/Master’s in Accounting/MST
    • Business Analytics/Business & Technology/Information Systems

Our Recruiting Team

Email Marc

Marc Peterson

Hi! I’m Marc. I’m a graduate of Kean University, where I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. Upon graduating, I began my career in the public accounting industry and spent the next 9 years in various roles across a diverse set of industries, offering a unique collection of experiences through different office environments.  In 2016, I decided to pivot my career into a more talent acquisition focus, in an effort to utilize more of my soft skills, as I thoroughly enjoy working with people from all different walks of life.  I joined Wiss in 2019 and have had the pleasure of seeing firsthand the incredible growth the firm has experienced, and in my role as a Manager within the People Operations team, I currently lead the firm’s hiring initiatives across both our Intern and Entry-Level programs. During my spare time, I love spending time with family, getting out to any golf course I can, or simply relaxing and watching a good movie. 

Email Kelsey

Kelsey Silverstein

Hey there! My name is Kelsey and I am a People Operations Senior Specialist at Wiss. I graduated from Rutgers University-New Brunswick in 2018 with my Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Management. I worked as an HR intern at Wiss in 2016 and began my full-time career here upon graduation in 2018. My favorite part of my job is offering students their first internship or full-time job opportunity! My hobbies include working out with my Peloton, playing with my puppy Riley, going to the beach, and watching more than my fair share of reality TV.

Email Ashley

Ashley Zadlock

Hi! My name is Ashley and I am a People Operations Senior Specialist at Wiss & Company, LLP. I am a Rutgers University-Newark Alumni. I also have a Master’s in Financial Accountancy from Rutgers University. I began my career at Wiss & Company in the Assurance Department upon graduation. Prior to joining Wiss & Company full-time, I was an intern in our Assurance Department. After working five years in the Assurance Department, I have recently transitioned over to our People Operations Team. My favorite part of the job is connecting with my colleagues and getting to know them. They always bring a smile to my face! I also really enjoy meeting dynamic candidates and students at various networking events and career fairs. When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my family, friends and two dogs. I also enjoy any activity that involves the ocean, sand and some sunshine!

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