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Wiss & Company, LLP provides services to benefit our business clients including tax services, accounting, financial planning, advising, and litigation support. We work with businesses in various different industries, including those in the real estate, technology, food and beverage, and engineering sectors.

Work Environment

At Wiss & Company, LLP, we understand the importance of providing a stimulating work environment where you can experience personal and professional growth. We also realize that a productive environment can only be maintained when each partner in the working relationship fulfills their responsibilities. We seek employees who have integrity and tact, who are dependable and competent, and who bring creativity and team spirit into the workplace. As a firm, we hold ourselves accountable for being a workplace where our employees are empowered, supported, and engaged, and also where they are given opportunities to grow their careers. We believe in celebrating our employees' successes and in maintaining an ethical environment with clear values.

Company Culture

At Wiss & Company, LLP, we aim to create a company culture in which everyone's opinions are heard and valued. We take an active role in giving back to our community, and we like to have some fun along the way. Whether it's playing on the Wiss softball team, volunteering for Habitat for Humanity, enjoying the family ski and snowboard trip, or celebrating National Doughnut Day, there is always something exciting going on at Wiss & Company, LLP.

Community Involvement

When it comes to community involvement, Wiss & Company, LLP understands the immense value of giving back to the communities in which we live and work. Our team members often get out and involved in volunteering with many events and activities, including the Community Food Bank of New Jersey, the American Heart Association's Wear Red Day, the Salvation Army Angel Toy Drive, the Food Bank for NYC, and the JerseyCares Coat Drive.

Clients and Personal Success

At Wiss & Company, LLP, we consider our clients' satisfaction to be evidence of our success as a company. We value our clients and aim to provide consistent service. We are proud that our customers have used terms such as professional, knowledgeable, reliable, competent, and attentive on our client survey and rated us 84.4 on the customer loyalty metric.

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