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Is Your Company Effectively Managing Tax Risk?

By Nicole DeRosa, CPA, MAcc, Senior Tax Manager IS YOUR COMPANY EFFECTIVELY MANAGING TAX RISK? The concept of “tax risk” is an increasingly important and regular topic of discussion across organizations, and for good reason. Businesses that operate across state lines or internationally can in certain cases trigger tax liabilities in jurisdictions where they do not have a physical presence. In addition, many countries are adopting policies which require greater transparency in tax...

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What Federal Tax Policy Changes Can We Expect? Clues From the Campaign Trail

By Michael LaMotta By this time next week, the U.S. presidential election will be in the rearview mirror, and we’ll all have more questions than we have answers. One of those big questions will be: What is the new president-elect’s vision for the tax code? Neither of the candidates has laid out a formal, detailed plan for this, although they have left clues about some aspects of tax policy along the campaign trail. Tax policy is an underappreciated element of federal policy; considering...

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