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What Makes Wiss CFO Advisory the Best in Class

By Paul Ursich When running a successful business, almost every decision includes a financial element. Whether you’re planning to recruit new team members, restructure departments, implement new technology, or even change the brand of coffee in the breakroom, it impacts the business’s financial health. Add to that the everyday needs of bookkeeping and accounting, financial reporting, and strategic planning, and it quickly becomes apparent that financial leadership is a big job. For...

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Driving Growth with a Business Process Review

By Paul Ursich When a company is laser-focused on growth, it can take time and effort to analyze business processes. But when problems arise — or significant organizational changes occur — taking a hard look at strengths and weaknesses is often the best way to light the path forward. The reasons that a company might decide to do a Business Process Review are manifold. The CEO may be looking for help optimizing processes for compliance assurance, finishing an audit, or completing...

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5 Questions to Prepare Your COVID-19 Readiness

By Paul Ursich Beyond the immense impacts the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is having on public health, the pandemic directly impacts economic activity and poses unique challenges to businesses across industries because of its potentially compounding and unpredictable consequences. With massive quarantines, travel restrictions and factory shutdowns, companies are struggling to quantify potential exposure. Attempting to mitigate potential losses from an unknown number of variables...

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A message to CEOs: When a CFO joins or leaves your company, it’s an ideal time to conduct a Business Process Review

by Paul Ursich A CFO entry or exit event, especially when it comes to mid-sized companies, is often an opportune time to conduct a Business Process Review. When a mid-sized company decides to bring on a CFO, it’s an indication of an important company life cycle shift.  Making the investment into this critical CFO role is a major one. It’s the perfect time to conduct a Business Process Review to provide valuable insight into this new hire. An immediate and independent review can drastically...

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