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Series A vs. Series B: Upping the Ante With Preferred Stock

You crafted a clear and thoughtful pitch deck, and investors are ready to climb aboard. But even when a venture capital (VC) firm or angel investor believes in your vision, they’re still taking a significant risk with their cash.  They’re going to want some special treatment and protections for bankrolling your C corporation at such a pivotal point in your journey. They’ll ask for (or you’ll offer) preferences.  Commonly, investor preferences come in the form of preferred stock,...

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Sales Tax: A Cautionary Tale

Sales tax. An area of the U.S. tax code that is so complex, many accountants dedicate their entire careers to understanding the nuances of the laws and guiding business owners through its complexities. This article breaks down the basics, so that small business owners know what questions to ask to ensure they comply with sales tax collection responsibilities and avoid potentially dire financial mistakes. But first, some important tax terminology Business owners do not pay or owe...

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What Banks Can Learn from Fintechs

By Matthew Barbieri, Partner Fintech companies continue to disrupt financial services as innovations help capture new opportunities. Financial institutions can learn from that disruption to adapt and remain competitive. Assessing the factors that make fintechs tough competitors — and sought- after M&A targets — helps highlight potential areas for advances in strategy, technology capabilities and new product/service offerings. By taking lessons from the success of fintechs, banks...

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