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Latest Cyber Security Threats

By David Singletary As more people start working from home, they are taking advantage of online conference services like Zoom. Over 500,000 unique Zoom account credentials were discovered on dark web hacker forums. Exposed data includes victims’ email addresses, passwords, personal meeting URLs, and HostKeys, and were likely gathered through credential stuffing attacks. NJCCIC “The New Jersey Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Cell “ recommends the following when using...

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COVID-19 Spawns New Phishing Scams

by David Singletary As the country and world are trying to deal with recent COVID-19 pandemic, cybercriminals are taking advantage of people’s quest for information. You’ve probably noticed a plethora of emails from every retailer, software company, or business you’ve dealt with in recent years. Cybercriminals see an excellent opportunity to slide in phishing scams amid all the information being sent your way. The following are two examples:                         What’s...

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Continual Planning to Keep your Business Running Effectively During This Crisis

By David Singletary As we all continue to face the abrupt changes in the way in which we work and the pressures on all of us to keep our businesses going during this crisis, I want to share with you some key insights and things to continue to think about as we move through this “remote” time. Please know that I along with our team are here to help you in any way that we can.  There are some key elements that each of us needs to ensure are in place to create the most effective way...

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