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Inventory Management Systems

By David Singletary Are you still using Excel spreadsheets to keep track of your company’s inventory? You’ll know it’s time to upgrade when your business grows to the point where you or your people are spending way too much time inputting static data. A good inventory management system should do the heavy lifting. Here are a few features and capabilities a good solution should offer. Multiple costing method options — You shouldn’t be limited to just one method of calculating...

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How to Reduce the Threat of Employee Fraud and Embezzlement

By Paul Ursich  Employee fraud and embezzlement can devastate a company. Recently, two client companies each lost more than $100,000 to fraud by trusted senior level accountants. A few simple precautions would have saved both companies from six-figure losses. A search of the Internet will provide details on many different fraud cases; therefore, there is not one simple solution to prevent fraud at your company. The following financial controls are just a few examples that are easy...

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