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Part 7: Keeping Your Industry Front and Center

By Luis Vargas

In an earlier post, we discussed the pros and cons of customization vs. using an “out of the box” solution. When selecting a technological solution, it is worth thinking about your initiative in the context of your industry. There may be any number of technology solutions specific to your industry that, when used wisely, can help you achieve your goals faster and with less friction. After all, they were designed with you in mind.

On the other hand, sometimes a technological solution that both achieves your goals and is specific to your industry isn’t available. In those cases, it may make more sense to work with a more generic solution—or even one that’s designed for a different industry altogether.

And, of course, there are times when a hybrid approach, one that leverages both general and industry-specific applications, makes the most sense.

Ultimately, the choice is less about the tools and your objectives. Instead, think of “innovation” broadly; a tried-and-true solution that helps implement your vision may be just as innovative as an atypical tool used to serve your goals.

Whatever you choose, industry knowledge and company goals should guide your selection to ensure that your initiative is as closely tailored to your organization’s needs as possible.

Final Thoughts

Maximizing your IT investment takes significant forethought and planning, but the results are worth it.  Following these steps will help you create an initiative that lays the foundation for future innovation and achieves overarching business goals. Building a culture of change, identifying an Innovation Champion to support new initiatives, and approaching business solutions from an industry lens are best practices that can have wider-reaching positive impacts on other parts of your business. Ultimately, the most important lesson is to spend time crafting a holistic, thoughtful, and practical strategic vision for your IT initiatives. This vision will determine your ROI—the technology or solution is simply the conduit.

Whatever stage you’re at, from analyzing opportunities for improvement to selecting and implementing the perfect solution, Wiss’ Technology Advisory Group is here to help.

Questions or concerns? Reach out to a Wiss team member for more information or assistance.

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