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Day: December 12, 2022

Part 4: Carefully Consider Customization

By Luis Vargas Every business has unique needs, and it can be tempting to customize existing software solutions to meet those needs precisely. However, customization requires specialized coding skills and, in some cases, custom implementation, which can cause a cascade of challenges. Further revisions will require more code; future releases could be impacted, necessitating even more code. If the customization impacts the software’s functionality, the vendor is typically not responsible...

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Driving Growth with a Business Process Review

By Paul Ursich When a company is laser-focused on growth, it can take time and effort to analyze business processes. But when problems arise — or significant organizational changes occur — taking a hard look at strengths and weaknesses is often the best way to light the path forward. The reasons that a company might decide to do a Business Process Review are manifold. The CEO may be looking for help optimizing processes for compliance assurance, finishing an audit, or completing...

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