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My interview with Dr. Fitz, a front-line hero in the battle against COVID-19

A letter and invitation to Wiss clients, partners, friends and family from Paul Peterson, Managing Partner, Wiss to view this meaningful video related to the fight against the Cornonavirus.

Hello to our Extended Wiss Family,

I had the great privilege to speak with Dr. Rachel Fitz, a practicing Anesthesiologist at St Barnabas Hospital and Newark Beth Israel.  Dr. Fitz, along with her teammates and fellow colleagues, are fighting this COVID-19 battle on the front-lines.

These people are true heroes. I certainly learned a great deal about the current fight against the virus, but it was Dr. Fitz’s personal perspective, on how much this crisis has her impacted her, her teammates, fellow friends and family that really struck me.

The conversation gave me a profound insight into the genuine trauma people are facing every day, and a clearer appreciation and empathy for the dedication and determination that is required from our healthcare and emergency response workers.

There are two parts to the conversation that significantly impacted me about Dr. Fitz and her co-workers.

  • The true courage these people possess.  The selflessness of putting their own lives at risk, not just themselves, but their family members who are supporting them, and also sacrificing for the good of so many.
  • The humanity and caring spirit of these people. These front-line workers are overwhelmed and exhausted. They work at a blistering pace, but never lose sight of the humanity behind the situation.   They understand that unfortunately there is a large probability that many won’t survive once they get on a ventilator or to a certain stage of the illness.  Even though they may sometimes fight a losing battle and repeatedly face the torture of patient family pain, they do it. They take the time with incredible presence, empathy, and care.

We all feel helpless, in a way. We’ve witnessed it first-hand with our own employees, their families, friends. It’s impacted my family.  I think we’re all trying to find some meaning of how to best deal with this crisis.   I found great solace and such a feeling of gratitude in speaking with Dr. Fitz. At the end of the day, we’re all connected. We’re all humans, and we’re all going through this together.

It is my pleasure and honor to share this video discussion in hopes that it might have an impact or provide some meaning for you as well.

All my best,
Paul Peterson

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