12 Days of Self-Care – Day 10: Floriana Allen

December 19, 2018


I have many way that I de-compress after a stressful day at work.  I love being outdoors and being physically active and I am very lucky that my family wants to participate.  We go for long bike rides, take our dog for a walk, play basketball, play soccer, go swimming, etc.  There is something about the fresh air outside that rejuvenates and energies us as the same time creating memorable memories.

I really enjoy cooking with my family. My daughter especially loves assisting me and I love spending that one on one time with her. Knowing I am making a fresh homemade meal for my family gives me that sense of gratification knowing they are getting the best nutrition I could offer them.  Being involved in preparing their meals, I forget about the mundane daily activities part of our daily lives.  While I enjoy my time with my daughter and cooking, I enjoy watching funny animal vine videos or America’s funniest video with my son and having many laugh’s to the point we are almost crying.  My son and I also enjoy working out together using fitness apps and pushing each other to the max.

My husband and I love to go out to dinner with great close friends.  The strong friendship we have built together over the years provides me with comfort level and it helps us decompress.  While my husband and I enjoy our time together, we enjoy the sense of friendship and spending quality time with meaningful people in our lives.

While physical exercise is a great way for my family and I to take care of our bodies, our emotional and spiritual wellbeing is as equally important.  I recently joined a Yoga class and have enjoyed its benefits.  It has taught me to focus on my breathing and be in tuned with my body.  I am introducing it to my family and it will be one of our activities we do as a team.

It’s important for me to teach my two children to take the time and practice self-care habits now so when they get older they have built the foundation of good habits to use to combat stressful situations.


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