By Danielle Patton, former Marketing intern

For many young professionals, an internship cements the foundation for a prosperous business career. When immersed in this unparalleled experience, an internship can offer tremendous knowledge from beyond the lecture hall: evolving your academic ambitions, strengthening your network, and assisting you in acquiring valuable tools that can be used throughout your profession.

But when undertaking this occupation, what can a young professional expect? Four tax interns from our very own firm have graciously welcomed us into their own unique experiences with their budding internships.

How is the work atmosphere at Wiss?

“Incredibly friendly and supportive. There’s a strong sense of togetherness that shines throughout Wiss, which is what really drew me to this position. Everyone here is very helpful, understanding, and determined to make every person’s experience a memorable one.”

–Dana Cheung, Junior at Rutgers University

What skills have you acquired from the position?

“Wiss has provided excellent opportunities to uncover all aspects of the taxation process. I was able to learn tax software, which greatly improved my computer skills. I have also developed substantial business writing techniques while working with many of the staff and partners here. Most of all, I am proud I was able to handle attending college and an internship which benefits my future in so many ways.”

– Alex Ashwal, Senior at Ramapo College of New Jersey

What has been the most challenging part of your internship thus far?

“I think one of the most demanding parts of the internship didn’t necessarily have to do with the internship itself, but more so with balancing three days of work, taking 18 credits at college, being very active in extracurricular activities, and driving at least two hours both ways to actually get here. Keeping in mind, I really tried my best to go through the challenge and those wonderful people in Conference Room E really made this experience worth it.”

– Jeny Eapen, Junior at Rutgers University

What advice do you have for interns about to take on a similar position?

“Have an open mind, be open to criticism, and embrace working with different people throughout the firm. It is vital to always be yourself, be confident, and be ready to learn, even when the material can seem very difficult. Never be afraid to take chances or ask questions, as they help you become a more diverse business professional.”

– Paul MacLean, Senior at William Paterson University

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