The Importance of a Great Litigation Support Team

March 23, 2023


Legal teams frequently call on accounting professionals to provide an authoritative perspective on relevant financial questions in a variety of dispute resolution settings.

Litigation support teams meticulously comb through financial records to provide accurate valuations, uncover irregularities, and draw reliable conclusions based on detailed analysis of the evidence. They quantify fiscal questions and independent opinions based on extensive training and professional experience.

But while the skills involved in forensic accounting and courtroom testimony are essential to the job, the Wiss team of experts understands that a high level of professional excellence is even more critical to building strong, lasting relationships with the law firms we serve.

Providing knowledgeable insight across specialty areas

Working with Wiss litigation consultants offers law firms access to a team of financial professionals with skills and experience across many different aspects of accounting practice, rules, and regulations.

While a client’s primary consulting partner will have deep expertise in the most relevant focus areas, litigation questions often involve multiple ancillary specialties that support and provide context to the topics at hand. With the breadth of expertise the Wiss team covers, legal clients can keep all projects — from the simple to the most complex — entirely in-house, maximizing the efficiency and accuracy of findings. 

Wiss professionals have a strong reputation for excellence and have regularly been court-appointed as valuation experts, fiscal agents, and trustees. Our professionals specialize in forensic accounting, economic damage investigation, and providing actionable insights that give our clients an advantage in trial preparation. Consultants are prepared to serve as expert witnesses in trials, arbitration, or depositions, as needed.

Wiss professionals provide expert consulting in several legal areas, including:

Serving law firm clients with professional excellence

Experienced litigation consultants understand that the quality and professionalism of their work is of the utmost importance because their excellence reflects back on the legal teams that they partner with.

Building valuable relationships with law firm clients go beyond producing reliable, legally sound findings. The best litigation consultants also embody these values:

  • Respect — thoughtfully listening and responding to the needs and concerns of the client
  • Efficiency — dedicating resources to the activities providing the highest return on investment
  • Communication — keeping all parties informed and being predictably available to ask questions or provide guidance
  • Promptness — delivering information on time, meeting deadlines, and understanding the intricate interconnectedness of legal proceedings and schedules
  • Creativity — thinking outside the box to find unseen or potentially innovative solutions to complex case problems
  • Knowledge — drawing on broad expertise, not only of the individual but also of the entire litigation support team

Following through for clients, every time

When an attorney or legal team brings a new accounting professional team onto a case, they take a calculated risk based on reputation or a word-of-mouth recommendation. It’s the responsibility of experienced financial experts to deliver and prove that they will give clients their best every time.

Follow-through is the single most important element that ensures a long-term, productive relationship with a law firm client. That follow-through stems from professional integrity, and everything from the meeting stated deadlines to consistently communicating strengthens the connection and builds confidence in the team’s abilities.

The Wiss consulting team brings years of professional excellence to each and every legal client. Our dedication to a high level of service ensures that law firms consistently recommend our professionals to their clients, knowing those clients will always get the best in both experience and results.


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