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Wealth Management

Risk management and wealth preservation is foundational to our philosophy.

Wiss Private Client Advisors, LLC provides a curated service for high net-worth individuals and families including full investment portfolio management with access to an array of investment resources.  We take pride in being a registered investment advisor, which means we are legally bound to serve in our clients’ best interests.  

Together with Wiss practice leaders, our clients benefit from a full range of integrated tax and financial services.

We don’t like surprises and neither do our clients.  That is why we take careful measures to inform and educate our clients every step of the way, and prepare in anticipation of how future markets might effect their financial outcomes.

“Our clients desire someone who can do financial and tax planning in an integrated fashion.”

Stephanie Hughes, CEO, Wiss Private Client Advisors

Wiss Private Client Advisors:  Key Differentiators

Personalized Financial Planning

The Wiss Private Client Advisory team builds an investment strategy alongside our clients, considering their lifestyle objectives, time horizons, and tolerance for risk. We analyze your assets and build a plan and stress test it against future market scenarios. We then build out a customized financial plan and portfolio of investments to meet your goals, followed by ongoing check-ins.

Wiss Financial Planning Platform

The client facing financial planning platform enables clients to easily access and track liquid and non-liquid assets.  The platform is utilized for financial planning and budgeting. The online vault feature facilitates collection and security of sensitive information related to investments and tax preparation.  

Holistic Client Service Approach

We assemble a team of practice leaders from across Wiss that work cohesively to address any and all needs a client may have from bill pay to outsourced accounting to tax to business succession planning. We all sit at the same side of the table on the client's behalf.

 Ongoing Financial Advice

Each and every client is offered a monthly update review of market conditions along with answering questions related to financial needs or concerns.   This provides an opportunity to fine-tune the financial plan and bring in practice area experts from Wiss to address questions related to accounting, tax and advisory services. 

Fiduciary Responsibility

We are a fee-only advisor. This means we do not receive commission for product sales. We are only compensated by fees from our clients.  This provides transparency, minimizes conflicts and ensures that we act as a fiduciary. We believe this is an important differentiator from traditional brokerage firms whose compensation may be based on commissions related to product sales.




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