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Matrimonial Litigation

Matrimonial Litigation

The Wiss Matrimonial Litigation Support team works closely with our highly credentialed and experienced Business Valuation Group in matters of marital dissolution to render objective and clearly presented opinions on the often complex fiscal issues with respect to division of the marital estate.

While other full-service accounting firms tout their litigation support expertise, Wiss & Company provides a unique team of dedicated professionals who solely serve their attorney clientele. Wiss’ Matrimonial Litigation Support Group is comprised of CPAs, valuation professionals, auditors, tax professionals and expert witnesses. While these dedicated professionals maintain their working knowledge of accounting, tax and valuation guidance, they are unrestricted in providing matrimonial attorneys with value-added forensic and expert services.

Our Services

Business Valuation

 The family business or ownership interest in a closely held company is often the most valuable asset in the marital estate. The Wiss Business Valuation Group brings the essential credentials, specialty experience and discerning analytical skills necessary to properly value your client’s asset. Dedicated Wiss professionals have met the rigorous professional standards to earn recognition as Certified Valuation Analyst and CPAs Accredited in Business Valuation, and are current members of the National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts and the AICPA. Our valuation experts have qualified as expert witnesses in Federal and State Courts. At Wiss, our job is not limited to the determination of the business value. We consider it our responsibility to coordinate an efficient process with minimized costs. Working closely with you and your client, Wiss will lead the engagement such that you, your client and the Court fully comprehend the goals, the objectives and timelines.

Forensic Accounting Services

The Wiss Matrimonial Litigation Support Group merges specialized accounting and auditing techniques with fiscal “detective” work to offer superior investigative capabilities. Our team is specially trained and experienced in forensic accounting techniques tailored specifically to serve the needs of each respective matter. Prior to delving into an investigation, Wiss discusses with you and your client, the cost-to-benefit of attempting to uncover and trace assets. An opinion from Wiss on financial matters or data interpretation can reinforce the validity of a legal argument without costing your client unnecessary fees. You can count on the Wiss team of experts to offer opinions of the highest level of assurance suitable for legal review

Expert Testimony

If you require expert witness testimony, the Wiss team is able to express an independent, professional opinion with the clarity and precision demanded by the court. Our professionals are experienced in financial matrimonial matters and consistently deliver credible arbitration, deposition and trial testimony. Experienced and comfortable in a court of law, the Wiss team is able to express an independent, professional opinion in a manner that is unambiguous, accurate and respectful.

Our expertise includes:

  • Asset tracing / dissipation analysis
  • Marital cash flow
  • Lifestyle / spending analysis
  • Divorce-related tax issues
  • Alternative resolution services
  • Court-appointed economic mediation

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