Technology & Life Sciences

Being on the brink of the latest advancements means tech companies have very specific and complex needs. Remaining profitable means capitalizing on market opportunities and sustained growth in an increasingly global marketplace while navigating the rapidly-changing financial and accounting landscape.

Our Edge

Our team provides financial management guidance and dependable business advice so you can focus on your business. Nimble, practical and proactive, our flexible internal structure and team approach means we are able to partner with our clients and offer them well-rounded advice, connections and guidance well beyond the scope of the traditional CPA firm. Guidance and advice that grows with the needs and challenges of your company. 

We’ll help you tackle accounting for equity, debt financing, start-up costs, intangible assets, monetizing stock-based compensation, and licensing arrangements. The day-to-day challenges of running a business along with the ever-present need to raise capital financing to offset growth and cash “burned” in doing research and development leaves little time to develop sound business practices and efficient operations.

Service Offerings

Accounting & Tax

  • Federal, state and local tax planning
  • Audit and assurance
  • Selection of accounting system
  • Tax structure of entities
  • Tax compliance
  • Bookkeeping
  • Budgets and projections


  • R&D Credits
  • Financial modeling
  • Internal controls & entity policies
  • Financial reporting
  • Cost segregation studies
  • IT/Computer consulting
  • Structure of employee compensation plans


  • Bank financing
  • Stock compensation and other equity compensation
  • Capital structures
  • Benefit plan services
  • 83(b) election
  • Angel investment
  • Venture Debt
  • Private equity investment
  • Initial public offering


  • Revenue recognition
  • State and local tax consulting
  • Royalty and compliance services
  • Risk management

International Expansion

  • International tax planning
  • Transfer pricing
  • IFRS consulting
  • Tax structuring

Successful Exit

  • Merger & acquisition due diligence
  • Transaction services
  • Ownership transition planning
  • Business valuations

“There’s no way we could have gone through the early days without a partner like Wiss. It’s one of the most rewarding relationships I have at a professional level.”

Angelo Stracquatanio
CEO & Founder, Apprentice

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