We can’t believe it’s already time for our summer interns to go back to school. We really enjoyed having them around and wish them the best of luck in the upcoming school year! Here are some of the highlights of their experiences:

What was it like interning in a mid-sized firm?

“Working for a mid-sized firm allows for an intern to get the opportunity to work on various types of clients and audits.  I found it extremely interesting to experience how different the clients were and how each audit differs from another.  I believe an intern can only get this experience from a mid-sized firm.”  –Alex Ferrentino, Audit Intern

What surprised you the most/did anything differ from your expectations?

“I was surprised by the company culture and how important it is to everyone in the firm. It is so influential to the office atmosphere and I can honestly say that busy days are still good days because of the culture. I enjoy sharing my hobbies and getting to know everyone here, and it’s really fun to see how involved the staff gets with the firm’s sport teams and planned events. There’s never a dull moment; my experience exceeded my expectations because I learned to balance work and fun- in and out of the office.” –Devon Benavente, Litigation Intern

What is one thing you walked away with/skill you learned that you didn’t expect to?

“The one skill I am walking away with that I didn’t expect to gain was the way to communicate to clients and handle myself in various situations. Whether it was emailing clients, speaking to them on the phone, or talking to them in person, learning how to communicate with clients is an important skill to learn and to have. When I first came to Wiss, I did not expect that I would be having one-on-one client conversations.” –Frank Bruno, Audit Intern

What advice would you give to someone going into an internship?

“For anyone that’s seeking an internship, my best advice is to be receptive to any work that comes your way, and to get involved.  Even if you’re interning for a specific department, you may be asked to help someone else in an entirely different department. Work with as many different people as you can so you can meet new people and get as much exposure as possible.  It’s important to realize that the internship experience is what you make it – it goes beyond work.  The firm offers a million different ways to get involved, whether that’s joining the softball, kickball and volleyball leagues or even volunteering. Take advantage of it and have fun!” – Radhika Kapadia, Audit Intern

What was your favorite part about interning at Wiss?

“The people and the culture they have created.  As corny as it may sound, it has really made getting up early and coming to work a much more enjoyable experience.  Wiss has proved itself to have a culture that is very different than what is assumed of most accounting firms.  It has been warm, inviting, and welcomes challenges and innovation. To me, that has made all the difference.” – Abigail Blecker, Marketing Intern


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