How Can I Take Advantage of Qualified Small Business Stock?

January 26, 2021


Many small business owners are familiar with Qualified Small Business Stock, but they aren’t entirely clear about the tax implications. They often come to Matt and ask – How can I take advantage of QSBS?


In this episode, Matt covers what qualifies as QSBS and what we need to do to take advantage of a sale of QSBS. This topic comes up a lot. Matt has fielded 500 questions about QSBS times this week and 10K+ over his lifetime! 

[01:04] What qualifies as QSBS: C corporation stock issued directly from the company to the holder, at a time when the company has less than $50 million in net assets.

[01:47] How to take advantage of a sale of QSBS: hold that stock for five years, then sell it.

[03:43] When selling a business, it impacts QSBS. The serial acquirers know this. 

[04:56] The takeaway. 

Still have more questions about qualified small business stock? We're here to help.

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