Client Satisfaction

Don’t take our word for it –
Our clients agree that Wiss provides extraordinary client service:

  • 84.4%

    Wiss Net Promoter Score

    We are super proud of our industry leading score — far above the accounting industry average of 24%.

  • 9.4

    on a scale of 0-10
    (10 being highest)

    Our clients rank Wiss a 9.4 at listening and understanding their needs.

  • 9.3

    on a scale of 0-10
    (10 being the highest)

    Our clients rank Wiss a 9.3 at responding to their requests in a timely matter.

* 2018 Wiss Net Promoter Score represent survey sent to full database of Wiss clients.

In a client survey completed just this spring, our
clients had lots of descriptive words for Wiss and the service we provide:


Donato Tritto
Beaver Concrete Construction Co., Inc.

Wiss helps save us time and money by providing dedicated personnel with extensive knowledge of our finances, at the ready to answer any questions.  This allows us to prepare financial snapshots within hours, as opposed to days, to meet current and future business requirements.”

Steven Wils
CEO, Harry Wils & Co.

“As I’ve gotten older, my financial affairs — both business and personal — have grown increasingly complex.  Wiss has proven to be an invaluable resource. Their guidance, depth of knowledge, experience, and careful attention to detail provide a sense of security in a rapidly changing world.”

Marci Weisler
Wiss Family Office Client

Stephanie and her team want to understand our goals, our lives, what’s important to us for the future and then plan for us.  Her background in risk management helps plan for long term and address short term surprises. Additionally, as an independent financial group, I know the team can recommend the best approach for us, not one mandated by a big financial institution–leading to great results.  Finally, as part of Wiss, it’s been a beneficial adjustment to think about financial planning through the lens of tax implications so we net out with great results.”

David Thornhill
AFK Group

“Wiss was invited to compete for our account based upon their industry experience and knowledge, above and beyond their ability to audit our books (i.e., capabilities in tax, FAR, international, advisory services).  They won our business due to their practical application of that knowledge, their willingness to listen and to patiently teach, the demonstrated value of their services, and a genuine feeling of care and concern for our well-being.

Olga Vasylieva, CFO
Depositphotos, Inc.

We are fully satisfied with Wiss’s services and high level of expertise. Since our business is established in several jurisdictions and operates on different markets, it is significantly important for us to make sure that our company is fully in line with legislation and compliance of those jurisdictions.  We are very grateful to Wiss consultants for their professional, client-oriented and valuable support. we are looking forward to furthering successful cooperation.”

Randy Cohen

“It’s hard to have the necessary expertise in all of the financial aspects of our business, so it is reassuring to know that Wiss is there to provide the financial and tax services we need. Their services are crucial in helping us minimize any risks and maximize our profits.

Arif R. Malick, P.E.
Malick & Scherer

Having a service provided like Wiss that we can rely on for not just good tax advice but also to connect us with other services providers that understand our business sector is very important to us so we as a company can focus on our clients.”

Sean Fitzpatrick
Vice President, New York Geomatics

“Wiss has provided these services with exceptional acumen in a timely and professional manner.  Their services have supported New York Geomatics in expanding our markets and recognizing an increase in growth.  Their professionalism, guidance, and support have made it a pleasure to work with them. I consider them to be part of our financial team.”

Ken Butkowski
Director, Corporate Tax and Payroll, Atlantic Health System

“Not only do they provide professional and timely audited services in this very regulated and complex arena, the Wiss team is always there to assist in planning and questions as applicable laws and regulations change. We continue to be very pleased with their services, especially their very timely responses to our inquiries. I can always rely on the Wiss engagement team!”

Jon DiLauri
Owner, JointCare Physical Therapy, LLC

“The team at Wiss got my business onto an online platform that has made my accounting a breeze.  As a busy owner running a company, I feel great knowing the accounting aspect and tax planning is in great hands. One less thing I need to be concerned with which allows me to concentrate on growing my business.”

Vaughan Cutillo
Co-Founder, Montauk Brewing Company

“I needed an accounting firm that could move as quickly as my company.  My experience with firms prior to Wiss (FWRD) was draining my time and energy and was detrimental to growing my business.  Making the decision to work with Wiss (FWRD) has been a game changer for Montauk Brewing Company. Having Wiss (FWRD) as a partner allows me to focus on day to day tasks and the future of my company, rather than worrying about accounting issues.”

Craig Rumberg
Anselmi & DeCicco

“Wiss provides an authenticity and insights into our specific company and needs.  Their personal touch is important in this mass production environment. We TRUST Wiss to give us the best practice guidance and advice in the marketplace.”

Ozgur Kilic
Chief Financial Officer, Vertice Pharma

“We value partners with a long term view.  We believe having high quality partners, with a common set of values and principles, determine the probability of success as much as a sound strategy and operational excellence.  With Wiss, I never had a situation where a candidate’s abilities were oversold. We had transparent and frank discussions about the candidate and role to ensure we set the candidate for success.”