Wiss launches strategic partnership with non-profit Strong Girls United Foundation

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the passage of Title IX. The law, best known for its role in gender equity in athletics, was signed by President Nixon on June 23, 1972.  The law forbids discrimination based on sex in education, and despite its age remains a vital piece in the ongoing push for equality, extending to other forms of gender and sex discrimination.

As a firm that works with companies at every stage of their growth to help them overcome challenges, we’ve developed a passion for uplifting the underrepresented. We’re committed to elevating women in a historically male-dominated industry and encourage our employees to be their authentic selves.

That’s why we’re building off of our partnership with Just Womens’ Sports and are excited to announce a founding partnership with Strong Girls United, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to empower girls to be strong, confident, and resilient through sport and physical activity combined with mental skills and wellbeing activities.

The Strong Girls’ team came to us after they heard one of our Wiss ads on the Just Womens’ Sports podcast and thought, “wow, they’re a really unique accounting firm that has decided to support women’s sports on this level.”

Here at Wiss, we encourage our employees to live their values, and we feel like our partnership with Strong Girls United makes that easy.

Our Wiss four core values of advocacy, impact, care, and collaboration and focus on education and mentorship closely align with Strong Girls United’s values and work as a nonprofit.

We’ll be working in concert with Strong Girls United to support their various programs including:

  1. Events with Impact, two-hour events for girls to feel and be part of a team and exercise their body and mind
  2. Strong Girls U, their university program that is run by collegiate student-athletes for underserved girls in their communities
  3. FAM, their 1:1 mentorship program where girls in elementary and middle school are paired with collegiate and professional athletes for weekly meetups over the school year

As part of our partnership, Strong Girls United will launch a book club for the 2022-2023 school year. The book club will feature books written by female athletes and will be open to all, making their programming more accessible across time zones and zip codes. Click here to learn more and sign up for the book club, all are welcome!

The results speak for themselves in how we have been able to apply these values towards work with our clients, but at Wiss our values live beyond our work. As we continue to work hard to support all those who face an uphill battle, women and girls in sports need more advocates.

When we were approached by Strong Girls United, we knew we had to be involved. Because when we boil it down, we need to live our values and support the next generation of female leaders. It’s almost like the girls we support in SGU might one day join the Wiss team!

SG United Foundation is a non-profit officially incorporated in Maine, New York and Massachusetts and they run programs nationwide. They empower girls and women through many different types of programming. More information can be found at their website here.

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