Recruiting for Millennials

By Kelsey Silverstein

Developing a recruitment strategy that targets millennials is no longer a future concern. It is a present-day prerequisite to obtain top talent.

In order to attractively advertise your company to these young professionals, we first need to define them. So, who are Millennials?

Millennials are a cohort that range from ages 23-38. In 2017, Pew Research Center found that 56 million Millennials were either working or actively seeking employment, surpassing Gen-Xers. They comprise the largest generation in the U.S. labor force. They are also the first generation that grew up with digital media technology, thus, they almost exclusively utilize online platforms to apply for jobs.

Here are some tips for targeting millennials in your recruitment strategy:

Become social media/digital technology experts

Every company, regardless of size, needs to leverage online platforms to attract young talent. Millennials are utilizing job boards, college career portals, social media (such as Facebook and LinkedIn) and company websites to apply to opportunities. Not only should job postings be available on these platforms, but insight into your company’s culture should also be easily accessible. Millennials understand that they can gain quick snapshots of companies before they even apply. Social media basically provides free job previews to interested candidates. Candidates are wary of employers that do not have an online presence! It might make the difference between them applying to your jobs or seeking opportunities elsewhere.

Understand your audience

The media and general public share a somewhat distorted view of millennials’ desires from their employers. Gallup research suggests that millennials are not solely interested in a laidback workplace with nap pods and games. Instead, important qualities to millennials are growth and advancement opportunities, great managers/management, and interest in the actual job. Millennials actually place the least amount of importance on informal work environments. They simply want to feel passionate about the work that they do, and who they do it for!

Continue to invest resources into young talent

As time goes by, new individuals will make up the young professional cohort. These individuals will have new requests and seek different values from their workplaces. Continuously check credible sources that research the next generation’s workforce. Not before long, Gen-Z will be the new generation companies are desperately trying to understand. Stay ahead of the curve!

Share information online about your company that actually intrigues millennials. Show off your company’s career management plans or training and development programs. Hire stand-out managers and let them play a role in the recruitment process so young professionals get a preview of the individuals they will work under. And, perhaps most importantly, offer benefits and perks that this young generation desires. Chances are another company will, or already is doing so.

Kelsey Silverstein is a Talent Development Associate at Wiss. You can reach her at or 973-577-2476.


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