How our Wiss Team Members Decompress During Busy Season

By Wiss Associate

While in the midst of busy season, it’s difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Early mornings, late nights, sacrificing weekends – it’s the life of an accountant: working endlessly January through April (and let’s not forget August through October) to make sure our clients are well taken care of.

So, who takes care of the accountants while they’re deep in the trenches? While here at Wiss we do our best to create a fun and inviting atmosphere, encouraging mental breaks with sweet treats, themed weekend lunches, and a calzone eating contest here or there, it is still necessary for our team members to take some personal time for self-care. Read below for some of our teammates’ tips and tricks to de-stress while in the busiest times of their professional lives.

Spending QT with loved ones

  • Since I’m spending 12-14 hours a day with my coworkers (and as much as I love them), it’s nice to meet up with hometown friends at night to grab dinner and a drink and watch sports together. – Tax Senior
  • Alcohol – lol just kidding! Been doing this a long time, and I’m still trying to figure it out! Spending quality time with family is always number one to me. – Partner
  • Hanging out with my kids and reading them books. – Audit Manager & Audit Director

Exercise and Fitness

  • The gym takes my mind off of work as I only focus on what I’m doing at the gym rather than the jobs I’m currently working on. I guess you could say “I get in the zone…” – Audit Supervisors
  • Running helps me get into another world and forget about everything going on – I always feel refreshed! – Audit Supervisor
  • We are lucky that we have a gym in our building, so I take at least a half hour to an hour, four days a week, to work out and clear my head. – Advisory Manager


  • I typically de-stress using creative outlets such as upcycling furniture, sewing, and cooking. I also enjoy taking my dog for walks in nature and relaxing with a book and a face mask. Oh, and wine! – Audit Staff
  • Cooking is very cathartic for me during busy season, allowing my mind to release from the stressful day. – Tax Senior
  • I play my guitars almost every night for about a half hour and on Friday nights my wife and I cook a nice diner and share a good bottle of Italian wine and chat the night away talking about anything but work. – Partner

Whether it involves wine, pets, crafts, exercise, napping, or just spending time with family, self-care is so important, especially during stressful periods at work. We’re happy to encourage self-care at Wiss to our hard-working employees and are counting down the days until April 15th.

Share with us some ways you practice self-care during a busy day, week, month or year! Email or let us know on our Facebook page

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