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12 Days of Traditions – Day 3: Chrissy Giamanco

One of my favorite holiday traditions is one that our family looks forward to each year. It is not my personal family (Giamanco) tradition, but rather one that developed when my brother married his wife in 1982. My brother was in the Navy stationed in Virginia Beach and spent several weeks and months out to sea. During that time, funds were limited, so my sister-in-law started making Christmas ornaments to gift to our entire family. It started the first year, became her family tradition, and she has been doing them ever since.

Her creativity is truly amazing, from using light bulbs to make the Grinch, Santa and Rudolph – to using corks for the reindeer and clay for the snowman fisherman and gingerbread man. She even made me a very special ornament for “Baby’s First Christmas” for my daughter who is now 20! It was exciting to see that this year’s ornament was a jellyfish! It is such a special tradition and one the whole family looks forward to every year. Everything she has ever created is made with lots of love and is spectacular.


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