Tips to Use at a Networking Event

  1. When you arrive at a networking event, avoid gravitating to people you know.
  2. Stop selling and start listening!
  3. Keep your business cards in the pocket of your coat or jacket.
  4. When receiving a card from someone, take a moment to write yourself a note on it such as where you met.
  5. During the course of a conversation, use the other person’s first name two or three times.
  6. Rather than telling a new contact all about yourself, spend your time asking them questions.
  7. When a person is talking to you, be sure to look directly at them.
  8. The best location to network is by a high-traffic area such as a main door, the bar, or near the food.
  9. Never approach someone if they are walking towards the restroom or if they have a phone in their hand.
  10. After the person has shared something with you, ask them another question about what they just said.
  11. Always keep one hand free to allow yourself to shake hands with people.
  12. As a way of demonstrating your networking skills, introduce each new person you meet to at least one other person.
  13. Never try to barge into a group of 4 or more people and try to initiate conversation with someone who is standing by themselves.
  14. Do not approach two people who are talking, as you may be interrupting an important discussion.
  15. When you meet someone for the first time, you have 48 hours to follow up with them before they will completely forget about meeting you.
  16. A networking event is not a time to see how many business cards you can acquire.


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