Any Recommendations for my Investor Pitch Deck?

March 30, 2021


Not surprisingly, Matt has reviewed thousands of investor pitch decks for startups…and they all ask him for his input and recommendations. In this FINAL EPISODE of the season, Matt discusses pitch deck recommendations including his thoughts for the (often overlooked…or screwed up) “Use of Funds” slide. 


Your “Use of Funds” slide can make or break a deal. Listen to this episode to find out what you should and should NOT tell an investor if you want their money.

[02:04] The one slide you need to nail to get a VC to invest.  

[02:44] The problem with the “use of funds” slide is that it turns you into the investor.

[03:35] How to tell an investor why your business is the best possible place for them to put their money.

[04:25] The take-away.

Need help putting together your Investor Pitch Deck? Wiss is here to help.

Countless rules and regulations pop up along the way during the early-stage journey. It’s a real ride! Matt’s here to help you navigate it all with confidence.

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About the Host

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Matt gets the same questions over and over while working with early-stage tech clients. So much so, he’s dedicated an entire podcast to answering them. 

The (Way Too) Frequently Asked Questions Podcast helps educate and guide early-stage business owners. It’s a quick and easy way for you to get the essential knowledge every entrepreneur needs to get an edge. Even the stuff you’re embarrassed to ask. 

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