By Floriana Allen 

Your bill-paying process should not be confusing, labor-intensive or prone to error. That’s why we at Wiss & Company, LLP, use cloud-based accounting programs such as for our clients. It’s an ideal tool for handling your accounts payable workflow, and the software syncs with many leading accounting systems, allowing accountants and clients to stay involved in the process in real time.

Here are the some of the advantages of the system.   

  • The software is simple to use. It comes with an intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard. Just scan and email, or fax your bills, contracts and other pertinent paperwork to You can make it even simpler by having your vendors send their invoices directly to the website rather than to your company.
  • It provides convenience. One advantage of using a cloud-based software platform is the ability it gives you to work from any electronic device anywhere. All you need is online access. It provides our clients the flexibility to be anywhere and does not disrupt the payments process. With a few clicks, is capable of sending payments via check or e-payments, whichever a vendor prefers.
  • Collaboration is easy. Currently, you may have to go through several steps with multiple parties to get bills paid. One person on your team might have to match invoices with work orders, another to authorize payment and a third to actually write and send checks. With, workflow is smooth and easy. Send the bills to inbox, view and approve them and we will release the payment when you say.
  • The approach is customer and vendor friendly. Good communication is the key to maintaining healthy relationships with all of your business partners. notifies you when an invoice is in your inbox, invoices are overdue or checks that have not cleared within a certain number of days. Vendors also receive automatic notifications when payment has been sent, and their inquiries can be answered quickly and completely. You can set-up recurring invoices and never be late for that vendor
  • The system conserves trees. You don’t have to be in business for too many years before your office is stuffed with paid invoices, canceled checks, old contracts, financial statements and correspondence between your company and vendors. With, the cloud is your filing cabinet. All information is available on your account and archived online, where it can be retrieved quickly and easily as needed, with no clutter and no time drain.

Set up your own cloud-based solution today to take the hassle out of sending and receiving bills. 

As a member of the FWRD Team at Wiss, Floriana Allen is an expert on cloud-based accounting software. She can be reached at (973) 994-9400 or


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