My personal traditions include kicking off the holiday season as early as Thanksgiving. I join my church in collecting items that would make for a great Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings, even including a Turkey! We put it all together and deliver each basket to families in need. Below is a picture of some of the baskets we were able to put together.

During the month of December, I gather with my church to put on our Santa Hats and hit the streets! We set up a stand and give out hot chocolate, cookies and a word of Hope to people in our community. Unfortunately, what should be a time of joy and celebration for many, may be a time of loneliness and despair for others. Some people are experiencing hardships due to financial issues, health problems, or missing family members. It is nice to be a blessing for those who need it most.

We started early this year by kicking off the Christmas season at the City of Elizabeth Tree Lighting and will be out on the streets of Elizabeth every Saturday up until Christmas, giving out hot chocolate, cookies and Hope. There is just something special behind being able to give rather than receive, especially around the holidays!





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