12 Days of Self-Care – Day 7: Jay Jenco

December 11, 2018


Self-care is important, and it’s something that is easy to under prioritize in our busy lives. We spend most of the day working and doing things for others, and it’s important to take care of yourself. There are a few activities I do in order unwind and relax. Every day, I take my dog on long walks/runs early in the morning and late at night. This is time I use to clear my head, listen to music, catch up on podcasts, think or nothing at all. It’s my time alone (with the dog), and at the same time I’m getting the benefits of fresh air and exercise. On the weekends, we do family walks with my wife, son and our dog.

Cooking for my family is also an activity I find relaxing, and something I do often. Hopefully I can to start teaching my son in a few years. Cooking requires being creative, focus and gets the senses going. I love the smells in the house when we do it, it’s comforting, and wine or a beer during the process never hurts.

This is a cliché, but I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. Talking with them is a great way to unwind, find peace of mind and feel good.  Lastly, I think humor is important in daily life. Whether it’s laughing with friends, listening to or watching something funny, to me laughter is necessary every day. Happy Holidays!






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