12 Days of Self-Care – Day 12: Paul Lembo

December 21, 2018


When you hear about self-care, the first things that usually come to mind are exercising, spending time with family and friends and other types of activities that make you feel at peace. Don’t get me wrong, I love hanging out with my daughter just as much as the next dad, maybe more. I also try very hard to be in the gym 4-5 days a week. However, there is one hobby that I participate in which most people probably don’t think of when they talking about self-care. In fact, I am willing to be that most people wouldn’t even think of this as hobby. And that is getting tattooed, literally.

I was a late bloomer when it comes to tattoos. I never gave them much thought until I was in my early 20’s. It was during this time my father passed away suddenly. Though, I knew I would always have the memories, I wanted something else to remember him by. Something permanent. Something that symbolized who he was, where he came from and what he passed along to me. That’s when I decided to get my first tattoo, at age 24.

After the first one, I fell in love with the concept of tattooing. The intricacies of the line work, the subtle details in the shading, and how one little stroke of the needle can change the entire look of a tattoo. In my spare time I enjoy researching various designs and artists, taking notes for my next piece. As a result, I have gotten at least one new tattoo each year from the age of 24. Being under the needle provides me a chance to share my love for tattoos with those who are most passionate about the industry. I look forward to every session like a child waiting for their birthday. Every time I leave the shop with new ink, I feel like a new man.


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