Welcome to Wiss HQ!

June 14, 2022


At Wiss, we’re rooted in accounting, but our focus is on elevating others and helping our clients succeed.  That’s why when we moved into our new *office location in Florham Park, we purposefully created a more modern design space that would help us achieve our mission to serve and support others. 













Upon entering the office, you’re greeted by a reception desk that sits in front of a wall of stacked abacuses.  In the center of the office space, you’ll find custom wallcoverings in an overscale pattern of antique letterpress numbers.  Both designs embody how the core of who we are as accountants.     

The modern layout creates an open space that allows us to broaden the firm.  There’s plenty of room for our employees and clients to grow, showcase their entrepreneurial spirit, and have the freedom to think outside the box.   The low partition office layout allows for natural light to flow throughout and more interaction between co-workers.  There are individual offices for additional privacy and smaller huddle rooms for focused collaboration.   

The Town Hall which sits in the center of the office and connects both wings of the building foster a sense of community.  The house-shaped steel structure and peaked ceiling set the stage for a “home”, complete with furniture, TV, and a pantry fully stocked with snacks.  Employees can challenge and root for one another in the adjoining game room by competing in rounds of ping pong or shuffleboard.    

Health and wellness are valued at Wiss and reflected in our office space.  The small fitness center located directly in the office is convenient for employees to take a break during the day or get their workout in before or after work.  Visitors and employees alike experience a comforting environment as they can unwind in lounge-like sitting areas throughout the office, enjoy small talk over a drink at the coffee bar, and relax by the serene living plant wall or salt-water fish tank.

The overall aesthetic is uniquely branded and a place where we can hold ourselves to the highest standards of excellence which ultimately contribute to our clients’ and employees’ success.   

Welcome to Wiss!

*Office space designed by Studio 1200 and Photography © Stuart Tyson 


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