Updated 7/30/2019. I recently visited a client company with over 750 employees. The HR staff kept track of vacations on a spreadsheet. Anyone considering taking time off would first call up some poor overworked HR rep and see how many days they had remaining. That rep would have to then manually update the remaining totals.

I have to imagine that was pretty much how that staffer spent his or her summer months at work.

This same company had a total of about ten spreadsheets keeping track of various employee- related factors — and they’re not alone. Many companies still manage their recruiting, onboarding, performance tracking and offboarding in this same way: with more perspiration than inspiration. Fortunately, there are better ways that we will discuss below.

Automated software solutions

There are many state-of-the-art software programs on the market today that can help HR teams automate the mundane tasks related to employee records updating while providing more transparency to the affected worker. As new grads hit the job market, this ease and transparency is what they expect.

Imagine, at the click of a button, all relevant documents being sent to an employee regarding training or milestone tracking or other processes or events. Once tasks are completed, the forms can be automatically catalogued and stored in their files. Without the need to take the time of HR staff, they have at their fingertips all information related to their own employment, training and performance tracking.

With the right HR software, those responsible for various aspects of the onboarding of new employees can be automatically alerted and assigned tasks on the new hire’s start date. For example, the IT department can know at a glance what software must be preloaded on the laptop.

In fact, there are systems that allow the employee to choose their laptops, and their customized software will come fully loaded. This is especially valuable if your company doesn’t have a dedicated IT staff.

Performance and payroll tracking made easier

Performance and payroll responsibilities can be similarly automated today. A good HR software solution will let your department schedule and monitor performance benchmarks and set and keep track of goals.

Most have either an embedded payroll solution or can integrate seamlessly with your existing vendor. Some systems allow employees to clock in and out via their own dashboards or enter their hours for the week.

Offboarding can be an uncomfortable process even in the best of situations — when the employee leaves voluntarily and on good terms. When they don’t exit under the best of circumstances, it can be dangerous. Most employees have access to many different systems, including client interfaces. Forgetting to disable just one of those systems can expose your company to potential risks. But with the click of a button, a good HR software solution will automatically disable all ex-employee system access.

Give up the mundane administrative chores so your HR staff can focus on employee growth and efficiency. Reach out to me today if you need help finding the solution that will uniquely fit your needs and vastly improve the productivity and morale of your HR department and workforce.


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