Lesya Kostyuk

Manager, Advisory

Lesya Kostyuk is an Advisory Group Manager specializing in taxation. Lesya has expertise in federal, state, business, and personal taxes. At Wiss she is involved in tax preparation, revision, and tax planning.


BBA – Accounting
Baruch College

Applied Linguistics
Lviv Polytechnic University, Ukraine


During her career, Lesya has worked with a variety of clients in Advertising, Manufacturing, Publishing, Real Estate, and other industries. She has hands-on expertise in high and middle-net-worth individuals’ tax planning and preparation.

Beyond Wiss

Outside of the office, Lesya loves spending time with her family. She enjoys hiking, skiing, and traveling. She has visited 15 countries, and is always up for a new adventure.

Fun Facts

What’s something intriguing that most people wouldn’t know about you?

I speak English, Ukrainian, Russian, and basic Polish. I used my interpreting skills to translate foreign financials and documents.

You can travel back in time. What’s a piece of advice you’d tell your younger self?

Do not hesitate to ask for help when you need it. Do not regret what you have done, because that made you who you are today.