Inna Vestfrid

Manager, Advisory

Inna is an Accounting Manager with almost two decades of industry experience from top-tier single-family offices. As a senior accountant, Inna oversaw assets greater than $2.5 billion under management. She is knowledgeable, motivated & intellectually curious in the changing landscape of financial and accounting processes. Inna understands the clients’ needs on a professional and personal level and will strive to exceed her clients’ expectations. The integrity of her work and the satisfaction of her clients is what fuels her passion for the industry.

As an Accounting Manager, Inna serves as an engaged and trusted extension of each client’s business, delivering sensible and reliable results.


BS Finance
Pace University

Beyond Wiss

In her free time, Inna loves spending time with her family and friends. They like to travel, see Broadway shows and explore everything life has to offer.

Fun Facts

You can travel back in time. What’s a piece of advice you’d tell your younger self?

I would advise my younger self to stress less about the future and believe that everything is going to work out.

If you could be or do anything (money restraints aside), what would you be or do?

I would be involved in philanthropy. I am a strong believer in children’s education, and I would have loved to build affordable private schools with small class sizes that would offer engaging and exciting elective courses.