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Recruitment and Hiring

From thoroughly vetting recruitment sources to selecting qualified job candidates for an open position, the recruitment and hiring processes at your company should include multiple steps and specific guidelines to ensure that you’re finding the right new hires for your business. An effective recruitment strategy and selection process can also reduce turnover, helping cut down on costs related to onboarding a new employee.

Reviewing Your Recruitment and Hiring Process

While the hiring process differs from company to company, most organizations use some, if not all, of the following general procedures to find qualified employees:

  • Job advertisements
  • Application forms
  • Interviews
  • Pre-employment testing
  • Reference checks
  • Background checks
  • Employment offers

An effective recruitment and hiring process helps your business find and retain the most qualified individuals, while an ineffective recruitment and selection process can present potential liability concerns – especially in the case of discriminatory or negligent hiring practices. Decrease your company’s risk with a comprehensive recruitment and hiring process review from Wiss. We’ll evaluate your current process and devise a custom plan to ensure your business complies with state and federal employment laws and minimizes liability associated with the selection process.

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