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Eric Schindler

Eric Schindler

Manager, Advisory

Eric Schindler is a seasoned professional in the field of talent acquisition, with a wealth of experience in both public accounting and finance recruiting. As the Manager of the Recruiting Practice at Wiss, Eric plays a pivotal role in sourcing top-tier accounting and finance professionals for a wide range of roles both within the Wiss Community as well as our clients.

Eric’s journey in the world of finance began with a solid foundation in public accounting, where he gained hands-on accounting experience as well as invaluable insights into the industry. However, driven by his passion for helping others, Eric transitioned to agency recruiting, embarking on a remarkable career that spanned nearly a decade.  His keen understanding of the industry’s nuances, combined with exceptional networking capabilities, made him a trusted partner for both candidates and clients alike.

Today, Eric brings his extensive expertise and track record of success to Wiss, where he serves as the Manager of the Recruiting Practice. In this role, Eric is responsible for strategically filling key positions internally within Wiss, as well as partnering with external clients as part of the firm’s Advisory Services.

Eric’s dedication to his craft is evident in his meticulous approach to identifying top talent, conducting thorough evaluations, and facilitating seamless matches between professionals and organizations. His innate ability to recognize potential, coupled with his commitment to fostering long-term relationships, has earned him a reputation as a trusted advisor in the industry.


B.A. Accounting

Assumption University

Beyond Wiss

Eric is passionate about spending time with his immediate & extended family. A walk to the park with his daughter Sloane & wife Brittany is an almost daily occurrence. Outside of family time, Eric enjoys going to concerts, playing guitar, all forms of digital media, golfing, going for bike rides, and enthusiastically supporting the New York Giants.