Reflecting on 2021: Jeremy Offsey

We’d love to hear your highlights and significant moments from 2021. What are some standouts for you—for better or for worse—reflecting on the year?

  1. Definitely coming here. I started at Wiss in July this year. It’s scary changing jobs. It’s been an awesome fit and an exciting change.
  2. I was supposed to get married in 2020. We weren’t able to plan our wedding like we wanted to. It was frustrating. Just after we put down our deposit, Covid hit. We had a backyard Zoom wedding. I couldn’t even get a haircut. My father-in-law built from scratch the pergola we were wed before. We’re now replanning our honeymoon in Italy. We’re having an official wedding renewal and party. We’re excited—it’s going to be our 2-year Anniversary slash (Hopefully) Goodbye Covid Party.
  3. I’m a really big Rangers fan. This year, I had the opportunity to skate on the ice at Madison Square Garden with my brother before one of their games. It was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done in my life!

I’ve learned both in 2020 and 2021, not to sweat the small stuff. Things aren’t always going to go to plan. Just go with it. I’ve definitely become more flexible because of my experiences in the last two years. My tip? Find positives in whatever changes come your way.

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